Common Issues with Guestrooms

Air Conditioners

  1. The very first thing to check is the plug on the air conditioner. The plug should be fully inserted into the wall and the top button should be firmly pressed to insure that the plug is not "tripped".
  2. Make sure the plug is not "tripped" by firmly pressing the top button on the plug of the air conditioner.
  3. The thermostats do not have a switch to change from "heat" to "cool". The thermostat is fully automatic and only the desired temperature needs to be selected. The thermostat does all the work.
  4. If the display of the thermostat is not working, the air conditioner is either unplugged or the plug is tripped. Reset the plug by following step 2 above or plug the air conditioner into the wall and follow step 2.


  1. The refrigerators can and will freeze guest items if the setting is too high. The dial to adjust the temperature is located inside the refrigerator. Many times, a guest will turn the refrigerator to the coldest setting to quickly chill warm beverages, and the refrigerator setting is not moved back.
  2. The refrigerator dial is a scale from 0 to 7. 0 is the warmest and 7 is the coldest. The amount of items in the refrigerator and the number of times the door is opened determines the appropriate setting.
  3. A good setting is 5.
  4. If a guest complains that their food or drink is frozen, a good setting to recommend is 4.


  1. Lights mounted on the wall (nearest to the window) is controlled by the switch on the light AND the switch next to the entry door. There are 2 switches next to the entry door, 1 for the overhead light in the entry foyer and 1 for the wall light next to the window.
  2. Both switches have to be "On" in order for the light to work.
  3. In some cases, the light will become unplugged from the wall. It is important to make sure the light is plugged in as well as both switches being "On".

Suite Televisions

  1. As described in the light section previously, the switch in the entry foyer will also control the outlet that the television nearest the window is plugged into. Very rarely will a guest complain about this, but it will happen. This only applies to suite guestrooms with 2 televisions.
  2. If a guest is in a suite room and the tv nearest the window does not power on, the first thing to do is make sure that the switch is on next to the entry door. There are 2 switches, 1 for the overhead light in the entrance and 1 for the outlet that the tv is plugged into.



  1. We have no control over the internet and no capability to regulate or monitor the internet. The internet is provided by a 3rd party.
  2. If a guest complains that they cannot connect to the internet on a wireless device (smartphone, laptop, tablet), it may be helpful to remind them that they have to enter the passcode "lexms". The Wifi name is "IHGConnect".
  3. If the guest still can't get on our Wifi, ask them to power off their device and power it back on, log into "IHGConnect", and try to enter the passcode again. If they are still having problems, we likely can't help.
  4. It may also be helpful to suggest using a cable and plugging directly into the internet port in the guest room. The internet port is under the tv along with power outlets and USB charging ports. We have a few cables, they are brightly colored yellow or blue and have "big" looking telephone jacks (they are called "ethernet" cables if a guest asks for one by name). There is at least one spare cable under the front desk in a drawer. Do not remove a cable from equipment under the front desk and give it to a guest.
  5. It is also possible that the guest's device does not allow "cookies". Some guests will have to go into the settings on their device and change their settings to "allow cookies".
  6. When all else fails, or you are unable to spend time with assisting the guest, have them call our network administrators. Parity Solutions: (717) 540-5679
  7. Streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, Nvidia Shield, etc may not be capable of getting access to our WIFI becuase of the splash screen where we type in the LEXMS. If a guest cannot get the device on the WIFI, the only option we have is to refer them to Parity Solutions: (717) 540-5679.


  1. The swimming pool is permanently set to 83 degrees. We cannot adjust it if we could because of guest safety.
  2. There are also HDMI cables available to meeting room tenants who need to use the televisions as monitors. There is at least 1 in the same drawer as the ethernet cables.
  3. The window shades will not move if the channel is not correct. The channel is indicated by the 4 lights on the remote control for the blinds. If you hit the channel button at the bottom of the remote, one or all of the lights will blink. Select a channel and try to move the blind. You can press the channel button and the down (or up) button alternately to test the blinds, trying all of the channels. Eventually, the blind will move, or it is broken.
  4. The guestroom sinks have a stopper that is controlled by a lever on the back of the spiggot. The lever is difficult to see. If you run your fingers on the back of the spiggot, you will feel it. It moves up and down to open and close the stopper.

Fire Alarms

How to Determine if Moving a Guest to a Different Room is Best Option

  1. Is the probem with the Air Conditioner? If the air conditioner is not working and you have checked the plug, then a room move is the best option if we are less than 90% occupancy. Call Jesse.
  2. Is there something that causes the room to be totally unusable? Notify Jesse or Toni. Move guest.
  3. Is there something that is a threat to the safety of the guest? Notify Jesse or Toni immediately.
  4. Is there lots of availability to easily move rooms? Any problem where a guest is hard to deal with may be best to just move rooms quickly and notify Jesse.
  5. Never move a guest to another room temporarily. If you move a guest, it has to be permanant. The guest needs to remove their belongings with the idea that they will not be returning to the room.

Wake Up Call Instructions

  1. Press "Guest Room", Enter room number (xxx)
  2. Choose "Wake Up" and enter the time (HH:MM)
  3. Make sure the AM and PM is selected correctly and press "Save".

Contact Jesse by phone/text. Number is at the frond desk divider.

Anything that needs to be added to this guide, please EMAIL JESSE.