Kentucky Allstar Hub 55904

Allstar is a way of connecting repeaters through an internet connection. Allstar is rapidly growing as many are building their own nodes and linking repeaters and users. Every node that is linked on the same network will also share the same voice traffic. It is an excellent way to easily connect users and repeaters as it has high audio quality and the software is easily configured.

Repeater owners and hams alike are welcome to link and enjoy the hub. All are encouraged to participate. This hub is a virtual machine on a server farm that provides very good uptime.

Allmon2 is the web dashboard for the Allstar node. You can see the node activity and all of the currently linked nodes.

Echolink is configured on Allstor node 55904. You can connect via Echolink with KO4BLC-L

If you are a repeater owner, please consider adding an Allstar/HAM Voip node on your repeater. It is easier than you think! You can contact me via email for more information.